Self Care

Dear sister,

I want to talk to you about the above topic. We have a lot to work on in our society on the issues of women and youth. But as we continue to work, we also need to take care of ourselves. We have to work with other women leaders, with the states as necessary about to advocate for our issues. But as we continue to do our work, we also have to be aware its not by working outselves to death but my living a healthy life that we can help others. 

When you feel stressed during work, find a friend to either to tell about the incident that has happened to you. Or you can find someone some reliable person to talk about it. You can sing, dance, meditate. If you are angry scribble down your feelings and even cry. You cannot work if your heart is full of worry. We have to take care of ourselves, We need to think that  I am ok everything will be ok if I am not well, nothing is well. Therefore you should take care of yourself. There is a lot of work for us to do in our community but I want to tell you to do the work in away that you are caring for yourself too, do not work in a way that you do not have time for yourself and your own life. 

You can meet psychologist also when you feel stressed. Much should be done in society, but it is important you have to be healthy, which is possible only when you take care of yourself. No work should be done in hurry. First you take care of yourself and work comes second.

If I am there the world will be there for me. We should think that if I can be safe and health, we can make the society sage and healthy and there will be happiness, That’s how many successful work can be done, that is what I want to say.

From Sabina Rimal.

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