Make a deliberate decision to rest, sleep, rela

Dear Young WHRD,

Please do not forget to pause and take a breadth when everything become overwhelming. As activist and rights workers, we have the tendency to forget our own-wellbeing and health. But your disposition and overall well-being is important.

When I was a student-activist until now, sometimes I become overloaded, can take more than I can handle and end up exhausted and toxic, affecting everyone close to me negatively and ultimately even my work. Please be conscious of this. Make a deliberate decision to rest, sleep, relax. Trust me, this will help you. 

I enjoy reading books and hanging out with friends. Please consciously make time to do that. Say no when things get too much and be open about where you are, how tired you are feeling and what we and your organisation can do to help, We all have our limits. Do not equate resting to giving up. Activists and WHRDs are caring, passionate and happy individuals but our work can be draining. Please do not let the fire in your burn out. Take care of yourself, live simply and stand firm. This struggle for change is not meant to be fought alone, but there are battles you have to fight yourself. Fight it and return with a greater resolve. We will be here.

In solidarity,


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