I take rest, I take deep breath

While working in the field of rights, I am worried about community than myself.  I am recognized as one of the women, who advocate for the right of women in slums. While engrossing into my work for “the right to have shelter” I had forgotten the rights of myself as an individual.

This is how I have been always worried about the community and I have not had chance to think about myself. I have been devoted to my work always whether I was healthy or when I was even sick. I could think nothing but my work and institution even for one single day. 

I remember the day when I was sick and I was giving a speech, I was holding the mike and was talking. After that I got sick for two days. Sometimes I think may be I didn’t get time to be sick because of the work I am always doing. I keep working and taking pain killers when I am ill. My children scold mewhen I work like this.

But now when I am working in Mahila Adhikar Rakshak Rastriya  Sanjal, we have the concept of taking care of ourselves and our community. This has forced me to be aware of my health as well. I have started taking care of myself and my work. I take rest, I take deep breath when I am worried. Taking Rest, I take least stress. I do dee breathing and try to minimise stress. But sometimes it is difficult get rid of stress. 

While working on the issues of rights, I am learning to think about myself as well. I am trying to be aware of my health as much as possible too. 

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