I saw in TV this morning

Dear Bea,

How are you?

I saw in TV this morning. You were at the rally of student supporting the struggle of the banana plantation workers. I am very proud of you! You were just a toddler when I first saw you with your mother Ina. Does your mother know that you are one of the student leader now? If not, kindly take my XX as these few words from me. 

Have a plan of action with your group before doing anything. Inform these XXX/ give you support too. Remember that martial law is in place. So better go with a buddy. Inform your mom or anyone from your group where and what you are doing. Dont stay late at XX outside. 

I know that you are a good leader. A good leader is also a model in the family and the community where you live. So it is much better if you establish friendship with you neighbour. I heard that one of your neighbour studied your “activist ka terrorista”. So if you cant talk to them give them some readings about your organisation. 

And lastly, please take good care of yourself! Please give yourself a long sleep, you have eye buldge and you look thin. Give my hugs to your mom and to you!

Yours Tita Tina

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