Dear future self, 

If you are reading this: it means that you made it. 

I write to you (me) from the past. The year is 2021 – you are gearing up to go back to school for your second master’s – you have been working at that for 3 years now. 

I would like to encourage you to continue on the fitness journey. you started in January 2021. 

Taking care of yourself is paradigm-shifting – because you work so hard! give so much in your various capacities and I would like for you to always be able to find your way back to yourself through self-care and collective care. 

Consider yourself? your most prized asset. In this way, you will do all you can to ensure long-term sustainability of self – so that you are able to give even more and have a greater impact. 

You find it difficult to receive care from others – and I would like to encourage you to allow other people to take care of you as well. you are not an island, no one is. 

Make your heart and arms soft and malleable enough to also receive/take from others. 

The advent of the Covid19 pandemic provided great opportunity for looking inward and emotional self-sufficiency; I look forward and how this new you will also provide care for others in ways that encourage others to intentionally self introspect. 

May you continue to sustain yourself, listen to yourself, twerk on days, karaoke, find creative outlets, express artistically while delivering on the work front. 

May you be whole. 


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